5 of the Best Platforms to Make Music Software

If you're reading this you're probably making music. But, have you ever wanted to make your own music software? It might be easier than you think. Liam Lacey outlines 5 platforms you should consider.  

As a musician or producer, there are many reasons why you may want to make your own music software. Maybe you've got a new idea for a guitar amp modeling application that existing applications don't do. Perhaps you are looking for a way to uniquely control your MIDI software with games controllers. Or you may be making your own MIDI controller and you want to be able to edit it via a software editor. Well all of these ideas can be made a reality using a number of different applications and platforms that I'll be covering in this article.

Most people assume that to create your own software you need to be an expert coder. However most of the platforms discussed here are specifically designed for musicians, artists, and designers to create software quickly without needing to know too much about software development, with a couple of platforms that don't require you needing to write any code at all!

There are a number of criteria I will be covering here that will determine which platform is best for you:

  • What you want your software to do
  • Your willingness to learn how to write code
  • The operating system you want your application to run on, e.g., OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, embedded platforms.
  • The format of software you want to create, e.g., standalone application, audio plugin, web app.
  • Whether your application is just for personal use or you want to release it
  • Your budget


PolyFuzz by Keith McMillen Instruments, an FX processing application developed using Max

PolyFuzz by Keith McMillen Instruments, an FX processing application developed using Max

Max (and its audio counterpart, MSP), developed by Cycling '74, is a graphical programming language for the development of music and multimedia applications, and to many it is known as the best platform for making interactive music performance software. The Max environment comprises of a set of graphical '

Liam is the Head Of Development specialising in software development at Modal Electronics, the company behind the 002, 008, CRAFT and SKULPT synthesisers, and was previously the lead software developer at nu desine, the developers of the AlphaSphere MIDI controllers. He was also an Associate Lecturer at UWE, Bristol, UK where he gradua... Read More


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