5 Non-Destructive Ways to Use LogicÂ's Sample Editor

In Logic 9 you can make fine adjustments (at sample level) to audio regions within the Arrange area or the Sample Editor. Many people overlook the Sample Editor, partly because most of it's editing  

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Great tutorial as always! Very informative.

2 questions for ya Rounik... 1) why is the Soundtrack Pro audio editor in many ways so much more powerful than Logic's? It's always been odd to me 2) In the new mastering in cubase tutorial, in Video #5 he does a "statistical analysis of a mastered audio file. It tells what the RMS db is in the file and many other cool things. Is there an equivalant in Logic? I was thinking it might be in the sample editor somewhere?

Thanks as always!
Thanks Eric!

1) STP can perform many cool editing functions that Logic's Sample Editor just isn't able to. For example, you are able to apply an effect from any of Logic's plug-ins directly to a selected portion of an audio file... and undo this at any point. Lots more too, like the noise reduction features.

2) Good question. I've never needed a tool like this... I tend to use the metering plugins to give me similar kinds of info... There are free 3rd party plugins available too... I think FreeG is a good one by Sonalksis which gives Peak and RMS readouts.

Hope that helps!
I love this substance-style of presentation and it is conveyed in the perfect way. Give this man more money !
Thanks logicluvva,

Glad you found this article useful!


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