5 Moog DFAM Synth Tricks You Might Not Think Are Possible

The Moog DFAM is a very capable eurorack compatible, semi-modular drum synth with a lot going for it. But wouldn't it be great to play it paraphonically or increase / reduce the 8-step sequencer?  

There's a lot to love about the Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) synth and sequencer. It's a semi-modular drum synth as the name suggests and, our in-depth video review was very positive. You can read and watch more here

However, when compared to the Moog Mother 32 there are some "missing" features or, at the very least features we'd love to see included. Loopop agrees and has made it his mission in this video to address the lack of these features by using the patch bay and often combining the DFAM with his eurorack system and the Polyend SEQ to show how to soup up the DFAM.

"So what features would we like to see on the DFAM? Loopop explains: "The ability to have different length sequences – either less or more than 8 steps, the ability to sequence notes, not just continuous pitches, an LFO, glide and ratchets. And as you know me, if a feature is on my wishlist, I’m going to do my best to make it happen.

"This video also focuses on the beauty of eurorack and semi-modular synths – where either through internal patching or with the help of a handful of modules, you can get almost everything you want. Alongside Moog’s DFAM, I use Polyend Seq, Expert Sleepers Disting in Quantize and Slew modes, and a cool new analog quad LFO module called VariFO from a new modular company called VoicAs." 

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