5 Logic Pro Mixing And Workflow Tips

Let's face it: Logic Pro is as deep as it's ever been, which means there are always some essential production tips you may not have come across before. Here are 5 workflows to add to your repertoire.  

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Gary Hiebner
Great Tips!

The Parallel Processing on plugins definitely makes the routing easier.
Dude, your brilliant! Good tips as usual
Hey Mo, thanks for this. I'm hoping you can clarify a few things for me....

In your first example of parallel processing, you say 'it gives you the freedom to use any processor'. by that I'm assuming you mean that latency will not be an issue using this method, even if multiple, or processor intensive plugs are used? Are there any other advantages to using this method?

And, in your second example of parallel processing, is the same end achieved, or will latency become an issue if multiple plug-ins are used with this second method?

Really good stuff Mo! Thanks!

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