5 Excellent Plug-Ins for Audio Glitch & Stutter Effects

One way to add some interest and movement to your loops or electronic tracks is to use glitch, gate or stutter effects. Here are 5 awesome plug-ins Darren Burgos recommends for said purpose.  

Wether you use self-created MIDI loops, or audio loops from sample packs, adding motion to loop based music can be a vital part of producing a final version. DJ/Remix style glitch, gates, chops and stutters can help to move a track forward by adding much needed variation. We'll look at 5 different plugins of this type suited for processing a mix, or for individual instrument tracks.

In the audio examples below, all the plug-ins are individually processing the entire song on the master track. When choosing the effects for this article, it was important that none of them added any coloration when not processing the incoming signal. This way you can easily leave them enabled on the master output without worry, and of course on individual channels/buses too. Also important was either a click-less ability to enable and bypass the effect, or an internal fade/bypass. Easy setup was also a requirement, as all 5 plug-ins do not require any side chain configuring making them quick and easy.

Editor's Note: We've featured iZotope's Stutter Edit and BreakTweaker in previous articles about glitch and stutter effects, and although they're not given proper mention in this article, we do recommend you check them out as well!

Sugarbytes Looperator

First up let's look at SugarBytes Looperator. This fun new plug-in allows you to chop up the incoming signal into 16 synchronized slices. All 16 of them are processed in their own private space and never bleed over to the next'

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