5 Essential Tips for Composing Melodies for EDM

When it comes to creating melodic parts for electronic dance music productions don't be left scratching your head, or feeling uninspired. Here's 5 essential tips to help you create better melodies.  

Sara Simms captivates the world as an innovative musician, DJ, turntablist and electronic music producer. She's a multi-instrumentalist who's known for her love of music technology. Sara makes her mark in the music community by crafting diverse sets with styles ranging from pulsating techno to house. She balances technical skills wi... Read More


This is solid. 10 years ago i started learning guitar all bc of Metallica. I started transcribing their songs by ear with no music theory knowledge whatsoever. (Luckily 90% of their songs were in the key of E) . And now i can riff through all their songs. But now i'm applying that to the midi keyboard for my EDM production. And combining it with musical theory to truly lock it down .

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