4Pockets Releases DigiStix Drummer AUv3 Drum Machine & Sampler For iPad

DigiStix Drummer runs as an AUv3 plugin within the DAW of your choice on iPad and comes complete with serious beat making features.  

DigiStix Drummer by 4Pockets is an AUv3 compatible drum machine / sampler plugin for your favourite iOS DAW.


DigiStix is one of the first AUv3 drum machines to hit the market and provides all the benefits of the AUv3 standard. Obvious advantages are being the ability to run multiple instances within a host, save the entire state of the instrument within the host, and extensive parameter automation.

DigiStix Drummer 1

The application is an intuitive tool which was primarily designed for use as a slave to your DAW’s internal sequencer. It also sports its own pattern/song sequencer which can be used in standalone mode for creative experimentation or under a host application as a more structured and intuitive way to construct a drum track.

With so many great sources of professionally recorded drum kits these days DigiStix is the perfect way to build a library of your favourite drum kits. Alternatively you can use the inbuilt sampler to record your own. It provides everything you need to record and edit existing samples such as cropping, fades, normalising, reversing etc.

DigiStix Drummer 2

DigiStix has 16 assignable pads which can be quickly mapped to individual drum samples, multi-layered velocity sensitive samples or looped recordings. These pads can be used to trigger sounds locally or MIDI mapped to external hardware. This makes it possible to utilise your iPad as a sound source for external drum kits such as the Roland Octapad.

DigiStix Drummer 3

Each pad provides its own volume level, panning, reverb, delay, reverse and sample length settings. You can assign each pad to a mute group which allow for instance a closed hi-hat to mute an open high hat etc. Each pad can be assigned a one shot or looped sample. This enables you to import pre-looped samples and optionally time stretch them to a specified BPM. Each pad can be assigned up to 3 samples which can be played in round robin or velocity sensitive modes.

One great feature of DigiStix is the ability to none destructively assign samples from different kits to the pads for live performance and song creation. We also provide an intelligent melodic mapping mode which maps selected samples over all 16 pads tuned to a selected key and scale. This is a great tool when using more melodic one shot sounds of instruments other than drums.

The inbuilt sequencer allows patterns of up to 64 beats in length. Each pattern can have its own time signature allowing complex arrangements to be constructed. Up to 256 patterns can be chained together into a song which are saved independently of the kits. The pattern editor also allows you to enter 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16th note triplets as well as reverse sample and accented notes. When loaded as an AUv3 instrument the inbuilt sequencer can run wither independently or in sync with the host tempo. The app will also allow you loading as an AUv3 instrument to allow sampling from other AUv3 instruments and even allows Inter-App audio connection when used as a standalone app.

DigiStix Drummer 4

DigiStix has a built in Digital Reverb and tempo synced Delays, allowing routing from individual pads. We also provide bit crunch, overdrive, chorus/flanger as well as LF / HP filtering options which can be remotely automated using your host application.

Best of all this application was designed to be easy to use and understand. Whether you’re a casual or seasoned musician DigiStix is an invaluable tool offering a variety of uses at a very affordable price.

Price: $7.99 USD

Download: Apple iTunes Store.

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Velocity layer? Randomisation for ratchets and flams? Those I’d like to see in a sampler. Otherwise, 4pockets is on a roll with great auv3 products!

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