4 Essential Tips for NI Maschine 2.3

Along with the new effects and instruments in Komplete Select that come bundles with the Maschine 2.3 update are tons of tips and tricks you can employ in your productions. Here's 4 awesome ones!  
Learn more about Maschine 2.3 in Matt Cellitti's course at AskVideo.

1 - Use the New Limiter

This tip is simple: Don't use the old Limiter mode anymore. The new Limiter mode called 'Transparent'

Matt Cellitti began his music career recording in 4 tracks with his college roommate’s borrowed gear. He now tours the world doing advanced clinics and workshops using hi-end, state-of-the-art gear and software created by Native Instruments. During Matt’s international musical journey he discovered that teaching and helping musici... Read More


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