3D Print a Modular Synth Controller Keyboard

So you want a new keyboard to control your synth but can't decide how many octaves you want? No problem. Now you can 3D print your own controller keyboard, modular-style.  

Imagine being able to add as many mod or pitch wheels and keys to a music keyboard controller. OK. Stop imagining. Thanks to 3D printing technology and this keyboard designed by Tim Trzepacz of SoftEgg, creators of Nintendo DSi music app Rhythm Core Alpha, you can.

The design files are under a creative commons license, which means you can modify them. All for free for non-commercial use.

SoftEgg describe further: “This design has many useful features for the DIY synthesizer designer! The front panel has a grid embossed on the back for easy drilling of holes for knobs and sliders; never worry about the drill sliding away from you again! The bottom includes mounting holes for screwing down circuit boards. The edges have grooves in them so that the parts will not jump out of alignment. The whole design is designed to be fastened together at the ends with threaded rods through all of the parts. The parts are currently designed at a very small scale so that you can scale it up to any size that you need.“

All you need is access to a 3D printer, these printed files, oh and the small matter of the “circuit board, wiring and connectors” and your Eurorack, modular synth, or regular hardware synth has a new best friend. 

Download files here.

[Via: Fact Mag]

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