3 Synth Secrets Every Logic Pro X User Should Know

If getting the most out of Logic Pro X's excellent built-in synths is the name of the game, then these 3 synth secrets (as video tips) from Mo Volans should be in your playlist.  

As part of his course, Logic Pro X 303: 21 Synth Secrets, Mo Volans shares 3 of the 21 secrets for free, here!

The entire course contains tips useful for beginners and some intermediate levels alike, and if you’re a Logic user then watching the complete course is a no-brainer.

Well, these secrets won’t reveal themselves… so let’s make a start!

Secret #1 - The Mighty DeTune

We often want fatter, wider synth basses and pads. In this useful video we take a look at how to create a larger, more engaging sound by detuning one of the oscillators.

Mo Volans demonstrates the technique using Logic’s ES2, but you should be able to replicate this using almost any multi-oscillator synth.

Secret #2 - Drive Your Filters

Next up is a very cool tip on using drive to add some edginess to your synth sounds. Mo Volans explores the pre-filter and post-filter drive settings available in many synths (in this case we’re back in the ES2). He demonstrates both types of drive with some useful sonic examples.

Secret #3 - Acid Glide Effects

Using the newest addition to Logic Pro X’s arsenal of super synths, Alchemy, this video tutorial shows how to emulate a Roland TB-303 style sound.

18 More Synth Secrets...

There are 18 more synth secrets to discover, and you can watch them all in the complete course, Logic Pro X 303: 21 Synth Secrets in The Academy.

Logic Pro X 303: 21 Synth Secrets

Logic Pro X 303: 21 Synth Secrets

Here’s a list of every tutorial video in the course:

1: Oscillator Action

  • 1. The Mighty DeTune
  • 2. More Detuning Tips
  • 3. Using Subs & Highs
  • 4. Mixing Oscillator Types
  • 5. Automating Oscillators

2: Filter Technique

  • 6. Self Oscillation
  • 7. Fat Modes & Normalization
  • 8. Double Filter Effects
  • 9. Drive your Filters!

3: Matrix Masterclass

  • 10. Enter the Matrix
  • 11. Multiple Modulators
  • 12. What are Via Points?
  • 13. Performance Controllers

4: Working With LFOs

  • 14. Entering the Audio Range
  • 15. Switching Timings
  • 16. Blending Multiple LFOs
  • 17. Sample & Hold Forever

5: Extra Tips & Tricks

  • 18. Acid Glide Effects
  • 19. Side Chain Inputs
  • 20. Super Synth Stacks
  • 21. Mixing Synth Types

You can watch all 21 tips in the complete course by joining the Ask.Audio Academy from as little as $10 a month - which gives you online access to over 17,000 video tutorials - the largest audio courseware resource on the net!

Watch the Course here

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