大规模Native Instruments公司的3大秘诀

Mo Volans shares his own top 3 secret power-user tips and tricks for Native Instruments' Big, Bad synth: Massive.  

为了配合我即将到来的视频教程Native Instruments公司的旗舰软件合成器的大量,我以为我会分享我最喜欢使用这种极其强大的工具的力量提示3。

提示1 - 外部控制器分配参数



Right clicking any parameter reveals the MIDI learn menu.




In the bottom right of the interface you can find the external controllers.


秘诀2 - 编程宏




Macro editing takes place in the lower right of Massive’s main page.


Once set up your Macros can be tweaked in the attributes page.



秘诀3 - 载入最近使用的修补程序


Massive’s ‘Recent patches’ feature is really useful.





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Hey Mo!

I use Ableton live when I'm performing in conjunction with the APC40. I have a lot of different sounds I use and navigating to the page on the APC 40 to record arm a new sound can be inconvenient at times when I need a "quick" switch. Is there a way to assign patch changes to massive so that I only need to load one instance of Massive instead of several? B4 and Elektric Piano allow this, but FM8 seems to only allow on PCs (wierd). The point being, Native Instruments seems inconsistant on this feature unless I'm missing something. I only use one midi keyboard and all soft synths. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

You're the man!!

Hey Steve,

If I'm understanding your question, you want to know if there is a way to play different patches using a single instance of Massive. Unfortunately, Massive isn't multi-timbral, and I truly feel your pain.

I tend to use many instances of Massive in my projects and wind up having to do quite a bit of freezing/unfreezing, as some of Massive's patches love to hog CPU.

Mo Volans
Hey Steve... I'm not sure that Massive has this capability but I know that it does react to MIDI program change data.

With this in mind you might want to try making some MIDI clips that have different program change data and dropping them in your arrangement or Live session.

These custom clips can then be introduced or triggered whenever you like and ultimately change Massive to any patch you like.

Sound useful??

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