20 FREE Patches for NI Razor 1.5

If you use Native Instruments Razor (included in Komplete 9 Ultimate) you'll know what a power-house this synth is. Here's how to super-charge your Razor experience, with 20 free patches for you!  

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I love these free patches from AskAudio! And these sound pretty sweet. Thanks tons!
Awesome thanks! I don't use this synth enough but I will be sure to make something this weekend with these!
Magic Fingers
I use Razor with the free Reaktor Player 5… I don't see the load bank option. Do we need the full version of Reaktor to try these patches?
I am unable to use these patches. I placed them as instructed above, but when I try to use one of them (by dragging to the main panel or double clicking) I get this messages:

"Error while reading file \users\shared\razor\razor.rkplr
Cannot open file \users\shared\razor\razor.rkplr for reading"

Click "OK", and a new message comes up:

"Error while reading file C:\users\cristiano\documents\native instruments\reaktor5\library\presets\askvideo razor presets\01-mind lead.nrkt:
Cannot read referenced ensemble \users\shared\razor\razor.rkplr"

Click "OK", and a final message comes up:

"Reaktor ensemble not found
The following ensemble was not found \users\shared\razor\razor.rkplr"

With two options: "Ignore" "Locate Ensemble"

Click Locate Ensemble, navigate to the folder where razor.rkplr resides, click on it and - finally - the patch \01-mind lead.nrkt loads, with a small problem: it produces no sound at all!...

Tried other patches with the same result.
Patches from another 3d party, located in the same folder, load and play with no problems.

Erm... help?

Thanks in advance.



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