2 Year Old Guitar Emulation Plug-In Leaves New Ones in the Dust

Phoenix Pro, the guitar plug-in to best all other guitar plug-ins, is back for a limited time only. Resurrect your guitaring ability with this one and don't pay attention to the fake imposters!  

If other guitar plug-ins could be burned to ash, then it's safe to safe Phoenix Pro has risen from those ashes. It was SO popular when unveiled two years ago, we decided to resurrect the plug-in which will make your guitar sound better, and even improve your playing ability too.

It's time to soar higher than any guitarist. Give the finger to those plugins trying to emulate the original and best one ever… and make sure to read our testimonials that prove the critical adulation Phoenix Pro version 1 received. 

comments 1 Phoenix Pro
comments 2 Phoenix Pro

We think it must be time for a new version soon? ;-)

In the meantime, check out the videos at macProVideo.com for more recording and production techniques and tips!

Oh, and for today only (1ST APRIL, 2015) you can get 50% discount on all downloads:

CODE: 15april1sm50

LINK: http://www.macprovideo.com/coupon/15april1sm50

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OMG, my clients will love this! I'LL love this! Some people might not 'get it', but I sure do!

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