2 Free Ableton Live Packs Made From Analog Synths

These two FREE Ableton Live packs, Snow Day Prophet and ADM and SympleSound Pro 2 were made by AfroDJMac using the DSI Prophet 6 and the Pro 2 analog synthesizers respectively. And they're free!  

AfroDJMac is back with two fantastic, Free Ableton Live Packs for everyone! 

Snow Day Prophet Free ABleton Live Pack

I recently created a track, "Snow Day," while home from work during a winter blizzard. During the recording, I used my trusty Prophet 6 analog synth to fill out some of the music duties. I then sampled the patch and built an Ableton Live Instrument Rack with it. I'd like to share that instrument with you as Free Ableton Live Pack #139. Get it Here.

ADM and SympleSound Pro 2 Free Ableton Live Pack

I've teamed up with Francis Préve of SympleSound to bring you 2 Ableton Live Instrument Racks made from samples of Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 analog synthesizer. Each Instrument has 4 different presets you can choose from, making a grand total of 8 Pro 2 sounds. Lots of cool instruments that harness the power of the amazing Pro 2. Get it here for free!

The Rhythmic Pads Ableton Live Collection

Need some movement and life in your music? The Rhythmic Pads collection contains 78 Ableton Live Instrument Racks of tempo-synced moving pad sounds. Holding down a note or chord produces intricate moving sounds that are great for generating new musical ideas. All of the instruments were sampled from a wide range of analog, digital, and virtual synthesizers, making for an extremely diverse set of sounds that will fit nicely in just about any genre.  Get it here. Use the promo code: EMAIL to get 20% off the purchase price. 

Learn Ableton Live from beginning to end here.


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