1st-Look Video: Behringer Pro-One Synthesizer

If you've been paying attention to Behringer synth news over the past year you'll know that the Sequential Circuits Pro-One was on their recreation list. And here it is.  

We had a sneaky feeling this one was coming... Behringer have today, on the first day of Superbooth18, unveiled their Pro-One fully analog recreation of the original Sequential Circuits Pro-One synthesizer.

Our friends at SynthAnatomy captured this useful video:

It's looks to be similar to how Behringer approached recreating the Minimoog Model D where they take the original design, recreate it in its original analog glory, house it in a smaller casing, make it eurorack friendly, ditch the keyboard, give it extra features such as MIDI over USB as well as keeping existing 5-pin MIDI in and out, add some CV connectivity, get it sounding damn good, and then put a price tag on it that would make Scrooge rush out at night in his pyjamas to buy as many as he can get his hands on.

Well... you get the idea!

The original Pro-One was well known for its flexible modulation posibilities. its 2 VCOs, popular 4-pole lowpass filter and thus its ability to make really punchy and ridiculously low frequency analog bass-lines and weird analog synth effects.

The main issue for synth buyers now will not be whether they want to purchase one, assuming Uli Behringer prices this at a similar point to the Model D and Neutron, but when they can get one. Behringer are still trying to fulfill the pre-orders for the Model D. We believe they've shipped 25,000 units so far... Evidently demand is through the roof for their synth recreations.

[Video Via: SynthAnatomy]

Price: TBA - we think it'll be around $299 USD.

Available: Definitely 2018... TBA


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