1st-Look Video: Behringer ARP Odyssey Clone

The original duophonic analog ARP Odyssey is entering the Behringer synthesizer hall of fame and will be called the Behringer Odyssey. DivKid Ben took this large synth for a sonic spin in this video.  

Not content with stunning the synth world with their recreation of the Roland TR-808 as the RD-808 and the Pro-One, Behringer have announced their analog clone of the famous ARP Odyssey. Simply called Behringer Odyssey, unlike its clones of the Minimoog and the Pro One, it isn't a desktop synth and won't fit in a small rucksack. It also doesn't look to be eurorack compatible.

In this video with Pete from Behringer, DivKid Ben explores the sounds of the Behringer Odyssey in this well-recorded video:

Behringer Odyssey features full-size keys, Klark Teknik FX, two oscillators, LFO, sample and hold, noise, all three filter revisions, AR and ADSR envelopes, VCA drive and a lot of extra features.

Interestingly, Korg already currently their own ARP Odyssey synths available... desktop/module: $599, Mini-keys: $799, and full-size keys: $1,699.

We suspect the Behringer Odyssey will be much more competitively priced although there's been no official word from the company on price or availability just yet.

Stay tuned to Ask.Audio for more details as and when we get them! 

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