1-Bit Symphony, Plug-In to CD Case for Lo-Fi Listening

Chances are you listen to music via a mainstream medium like vinyl, tape cassette, digital MP3s, CDs at decent bit rates. 1-Bit Symphony explores the lo-fi, minimal nature in an innovative way.  

Electronic Beats have showcased an interesting project by composer and visual artist Tristan Perich, who is exploring “the lowest digital representation of electronic music in his piece 1-Bit Symphony, a composition in five movements housed on a microchip inside a CD case.” 

It's kind of a cool idea to be able to plug-in your headphones to a CD case to be able to listen to an album. Probably the most immediate and accessible way to access music in a social setting? It also looks pretty cool. In this instance the music is purposefully minimal and lo-fi, but it's giving us ideas of other way to make a music album more tangible too.

[Source: Electronic Beats]  

Web: 1-Bit Symphony 

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Looks easy to break. Still a cool idea though.

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