123creative.com Releases Presets for Roland JP-80x0 (Always Alive Volume 1)

Roland can't stay out of the music news with their new AIRA series. And if you own the JP8000 or JP-8080, 123creative have a treat for you with their 'Always Alive Volume 1' patch pack.  

64 performances, leads, sequence sounds, plucks, basses and pads. Sounds created with JP-8000 and then transmitted to JP-8080 for a test drive to prove it works in both machines.

These sounds are made in Performance mode, which means, there are some sounds with two layers to get ultimate phatness out of the patches. 20 separate patches used on the mp3 demo.

Edit: Sounds do have sends in the audio channels inside Logic for TC Electronic VSS3 and Logic Stereo Delay. No EQ or compression used.


  • file format: .mid, .syx 
  • package includes 64 performances, leads, sequence sounds, plucks, basses and pads
  • this is not a sample pack. You need the actual hardware synth.


  • LD FerrySaw1 JK
  • LD FerrySaw2 JK
  • LD FerrySaw3 JK
  • LD Doubler JK
  • LD Memento JK
  • LD Stabbed JK
  • LD LikeHvn JK
  • LD Darude JK
  • LD The Usual JK
  • LD AnlgHaven JK
  • LD Breakfast JK
  • LD Yahel JK
  • LD The Sun JK
  • LD Sleepy? JK
  • LD Sub?Lime JK
  • LD I Love U! JK
  • BA Gouryella JK
  • BA AnjunaSeq JK
  • BA ThickSaw JK
  • BA AriaSmth JK
  • BA BeyondIT JK
  • BA Chained JK
  • BA 2K EuroBS JK
  • BA FBbass JK
  • BA United4U JK
  • BA Fatso JK
  • BA DeepNoize JK
  • BA AboveAll JK
  • BA SawItDown JK
  • BA Mystery JK
  • BA 303-Style JK
  • BA 303-Style2 JK
  • PLK Chinane JK
  • PLK Snappy JK
  • PLK Sonar JK
  • PLK SuperPLK JK
  • PLK Jupiter JK
  • PLK Pearls JK
  • PLK No Faith JK
  • ARP Live JK
  • ARP Electro JK
  • ARP Bassline JK
  • ARP Moore JK
  • ARP 303 Today JK
  • ARP 1 To Use JK
  • FX In LFO JK
  • PAD Airwaves JK
  • PAD Stargate JK
  • PAD Stargate2 JK
  • PAD Choirish JK
  • PAD YetAnthr JK
  • PAD Five JK
  • PAD Rk1Strng JK
  • PAD AddDistr JK
  • PAD PWMString JK
  • PAD N20 JK
  • PAD 80x0Saws JK
  • PAD NiceSweep JK
  • PAD TakeDaLD JK
  • PAD VibraTone JK
  • PAD LastLook JK
  • PAD Silence JK

Standard price: 14.95 €

Limited introductory price: 9.95 €

More info at: 


Download Roland JP-80x0 Sample bank for free: 


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