12 Essential Audio Filter Plug-Ins

There's audio filters and there's audio filters. G. W. Childs shares his top 12 audio effect filter tools for the modern musician and producer in this essential read of an article.  

These days, when you label a plug-in as a filter, it can mean far more than just killing some high frequencies, or making a 303 scream. These days there are filter plug-ins that are so powerful, that when you just play a single note of a keyboard through, suddenly, you've got an entirely new sound, and rhythm. So, in a sense, filters are really becoming instruments on their own. With that being said, we at AskAudio thought it would be nice to throw down a list of the plugs we're digging, and... Why. So, here's the 2014 list of uber filters, just for you.

Trash 2 by iZotope

Izotope's Trash 2 is generally known as a distortion plug-in. However, within Trash 2, there's not just one, but multiple filters that can be be active and modulating within just one patch. And, there's even more coolness with Trash 2. Within both filter sections, there are options for more than one type of filter, as well. For example: I can have a Screaming Low Pass Filter being modulated by an internal LFO, while within the same filter section, have a Saturated Filter running at the same time, being modulated by sidechain. Then, on the other Filter section, I can have up to 6 more filters going, at once. Because Trash 2 is designed to be semi-modular, you don't even have to enable distortion, period. You can run the filter sections on their own! Way to go iZotope!

Web: https://www.izotope.com

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Etch by FXpansion

Etch is a destructive plug-in, to the nth degree. I actually use Etch as a last resort, as it always provides something. But, because it's a little system heavy, sometimes I'll wait to bring it in. I don't really mind that it's a hog, though. You can hear the quality! And, it's got some great modulation sources built-in, as well. Two LFOs, an Envelope, and an Envelope Follower mean that even if you're running just a bass guitar through Etch, because Etch has such a well implemented modulation system, you can easily make a bass sound like a synth, complete with a wobble. And, while this all sounds a little complicated, Etch makes it so easy to set up. Oh, and if I need some of the resources back that Etch is using... Just bounce!

Web: http://www.fxpansion.com

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CamelSpace by Camel Audio

[Editor's Note: We're sad to say that Camel Audio is no longer in business.]

Camel Audio, for years, have been putting out the plugs that would be known as an '

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