12+ Bitwig Studio 4 videos in this course, by Thavius Beck, that'll make you a better producer!

Bitwig Studio 4 introduces many new exciting features. Discover how to get creative with them in this advanced course, created by producer and Bitwig Certified Trainer Thavius Beck.  

First launched in 2014, Bitwig Studio has grown into a very mature DAW. Version 4 introduces new powerful features that can help you reach new creative heights... as long as you know how to use them!

This course, created by the amazing and always entertaining Thavius Beck, is designed to show exactly how to make the most out of these features in a musical context. Join him in this course now, and learn some advanced Bitwig production workflows...


Bitwig Studio Advanced Workflows cover

Watch the course.

Learn about the powerful new Operators.

Similar to features available on Elektron hardware, Operators are very cool and a lot of fun! Thavius shows you how you can use them to bring to life repetitive loops. The Operators include four modes (Chance, Repeats, Occurrence and Recurrence) that can completely transform a basic idea into something great and complex. Couple that with the Fill Mode, and you'll see why the best loops actually don't loop!

Randomness and chaos!

Next, you learn to add randomness and controlled-chaos to your music using the Spread feature by modulating various synth parameters. The course also cover Comping, another great new features introduced in Bitwig Studio 4.


Learn some creative comping and how to import projects from Ableton Live and FL Studio

The traditional use of comping would be to combine the best parts of many takes to create a perfect one, but Thavius goes further than that and reveals how to use it to generate interesting textures and unique sonic material. This course shows you how to import data from your FL Studio and Ableton Live projects, and more...

Course videos

  1. Introduction
  2. Chance Operator
  3. Repeat Operator
  4. Occurrence Operator
  5. Recurrence Operator
  6. Spread
  7. Spreading More Expressions
  8. Arrangement Takes
  9. Arrangement Comping
  10. Clip Launcher Comping
  11. Fold To Takes
  12. Import From Ableton
  13. In Conclusion...



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