$103,076 In Music Gear Prizes - AskAudio Back To School Contest

It's the Ask.Audio 2 year anniversary! We've partnered with the best music industry companies to give you the chance to win $103,076 USD worth of music gear in the biggest MI contest ever!
NOTE: The contest is now closed! The winners have been contacted directly by email first. We're waiting for ALL winners to reply before assigning prizes...

GRAND PRIZE BUNDLE WINNERS (email handles / names):

  • Bundle 1: huronmusicnyc
  • Bundle 2: Fabien Surfer
  • Bundle 3: deltab23
  • Bundle 4: hardbodyheemert
  • Bundle 5: djmartingrey
  • Bundle 6: kreekrecordz
  • Bundle 7: Tom Moore
  • Bundle 8: flub29
  • Bundle 9: eggbert
  • Bundle 10: dbergesc
  • Bundle 11: muzicengineer
  • Bundle 12: kyle.munley
  • Runner Up Winners: alarichawkins, marijus.banaitis, rldeets, rapozaryan, sanderdenfeld, prockey, austhardy, sethreese, christinahiro, ariedrums, mrtamir, rafael.hayashi95

Two years ago when we relaunched Ask.Audio, we created a massive music gear survey contest with $33K of prizes... now we've gone one better with an even bigger contest with 3x the value of prizes: over $103,000 USD.

The list of prizes is simply incredible! We believe this is the BIGGEST music gear contest EVER... and it's an opportunity for you to own music production hardware and software that'll make your studio sparkle.

Ask.Audio has teamed up with 64 influential companies who have kindly offered the most incredible collection of music software and hardware (valued at $103,076 USD!!) for you to win. Stunning!  

Everyone Wins A Roland Cloud Sub! 

Even if you don't win one of the 24 raffle prizes, every single entry (with a valid email address) will win a 2 month subscription to Roland Cloud with access to many excellent software synths and instruments. 

Roland will contact you by email after the contest closes with details on how to claim your free 2 months' Roland Cloud access.

How to Enter

It couldn’t be easier to have a chance of winning. Simply log in (or sign up for free), scroll to the bottom of this page and enter our survey contest. You're just 26 questions away from winning one of the super 12 bundles and 12 runner up prizes.

(Note: By completing the survey and entering your email address you agree to join the newsletter list of Ask.Audio and a select number of contest partners only. Your email will never be given to, or sold to any other company or organization outside of this contest.)

The contest closes on Monday, September 25, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Soon after, we will hold a random prize draw and pick the 12 lucky prize bundles winners + 12 runner-up winners!!

Check out the prize bundles below or scroll down (right down) to the survey to enter now.

Super Prize Bundles: (12 winners will be randomly picked to receive one of the following super bundles each!)



Bundle 2: STUDIO PRODUCER – $7,986 USD





Bundle 4: INSTRUMENTALIST – $8,843 USD


Bundle 5: MIXING ENGINEER – $9,189 USD 


Bundle 6: SOUND DESIGNER – $8,161 USD


Bundle 7: DJ / LIVE PERFORMER – $7,032 USD


Bundle 8: NEXT BIG THING – $8,551 USD











12 x Runner Up Prizes – $3,480 USD

Complete the Survey for your chance to win: Please use a valid email address so we can contact you if you win! (If you're already logged in you won't need to enter an email address)

NOTE: The contest is now closed! The winners will be contacted directly by email first and then announced in a few days.

Please Share with your friends on Facebook and give them a chance to win some great music gear!

Terms & Conditions

  • Entries must be submitted by answering all questions in the above survey, and entering your valid email address. You’ll need a free account at Ask.Audio in order to enter.
  • The closing date for entries is 11:59 p.m. PDT on September 25, 2017. We reserve the right to alter the stated competition dates and the announcement date of the winning entries.
  • Winners will be selected by a random number generator. The judges' decision is final. 
  • No cash alternatives can be offered for prize winners. 
  • All trademarks and logos of our partners are protected. 
  • Entrants agree that by entering this contest they also subscribe to the free macProVideo.com and Ask.Audio newsletters. Your email address will NOT be sold but may be shared with select third parties involved in this contest only.
  • Shipping costs will be paid for by the provider of the prize. Any local tax or customs charges must be paid for by the prize winner.
  • All entrants to this contest will be deemed to have accepted the rules and terms and conditions.
  • Bundle prize winners agree to providing a short video testimonial detailing how they intend to use the gear they've won.

Now we’re done with the legal speak… Good luck and remember to tell your friends about Ask.Audio and check out the Ask.Audio Academy.

Synthesis 101
The Filter
by Bob Moog Foundation

"Rounik is the Executive Editor for Ask.Audio & macProVideo. He's built a crack team of professional musicians and writers to create one of the most visited online resources for news, review, tutorials and interviews for modern musician and producer. As an Apple Certified Trainer for Logic Pro Rounik has taught teachers, professional..." Read More


I entered the contest but didn't find a place to enter my email. Is it tied to my ask audio user account? Should I try again?
Hi John, if you're already logged in you don't need to enter your email again. Our system records it automatically.
Same here...
I was a newbie without an account and couldn't get past first page of survey to enter contest, no place to enter my email address. Being familiar with Ask.audio, decided to create an account (with a valid email), logged-in and tried to enter contest again, but still couldn't get past page one "without a valid email address". What! Have I just been snookered to open an account? Hope not.
Another John Doe
Yeah. Same story. No place to enter e-mail, and it doesn't work if you're logged in to an account.
Hi Another JohnDoe... if you're already logged in you won't need to enter your email address :)
Wow this must be a dream to be able to win something like this, i will feel like a kid opening a Christmas present
Barry Coffing
Can't get past page 2
Alexandru S
I completed the survey, then tried creating an account only to find that I already had one! Reset my password but was wondering if my survey went through because it took me back to the survey. Thanks,

What an awesome lineup of prizes! You've outdone yourself!
Thanks hoosierguy! :)
This is an amazing competition.
Good luck every one :-)
If account was created after answering survey questions do this still counts and I am entered?
Hi! Yes, if you do the survey and then follow the instructions to create a free account (enter your email) and it is successful then you are entered.

If you want to make 110% sure you can do the survey again. Our system will filter out duplicate entries anyway :)
Ronin Imperial
Wow, thank you to ask.audio and all of the sponsoring contributors. What an incredible contest opportunity. Good luck all!!
Wow, this is great!
I do not usually have much luck in these things, but I must try... The prizes are incredible !!!
Good luck for all !!!
Mars Dexter
I signed up but cannot create user name. When I enter and push tab...nothing. Not sure if my display took. Help!
Sub Secret
Looking forward to seeing videos from winners! best of luck to all :)
Jaw dropping prize packs!
This is a freaken awesome contest !
Is this contest only for US residents, or can anyone enter? Thanks
Hi Dynamick, this contest is open for everyone! :)
Hi, is there any kind of confirmation via e-mail send out?
There is no confirmation email sent out when you enter. Stay tuned to AskAudio after the 18th September onwards for winner announcements! And good luck!
Julien Unison
Interesting contest and I like your website and tutorials too :)
Thanks so much Julien! Good luck :)
Congratulations on this great contest. A noble step from Ask into supporting musicians. Best of luck to everyone.
Thanks Klajd... and thanks to our 63 partner companies for making this possible! Do spread the word. The better this contest does, the more chance we'll run more like this in the future :)
Thanks....Much appreciated.
Hi, Where can I find the survey?
It's on this page! Scroll down below the 12 prize bundles and runner up prize lists. It's right there :)
I'm a singer and songwriter. I'm not a big producer at all. But i'm learning. I would like to produce my songs on my own. I feel lucky just for this great opportunity to enter this contest. Thank you Ask Audio.
I made an account and submitted the survey, but I still need to check "newsletter".
ASK AUDIO requests the forum title...

Is it OK if i paste the name of title which has been written in bold?

Thanks, before that i didn't know what a great tutorial videos are there.
The whole contest is unbelievable!! But that synth pack is the stuff dreams are made of!!! Literally, my daydreams 🤘😂
Amazing contest and tutorial source.!!!
Lg fAux
I'm a new producer and really looking forward to new projects and making music. Good lol to everyone and thank you for making a contest like this !
Wow.... thank you for this contest...
I'm a singer songwriter, I been a front man in several bands in the past, I.ve always wrote songs for the band but we never got the break we needed to get to the next level (a record deal), now I have a nice home studio and a large catalog of songs. I Hope I Win. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!
This giveaway is so cool!! Good luck to everyone, hope the winners make the most of their new gear!
Absolutely great!
Can't wait to see some first reactions of the winners...:)
This is a fantastic contest especially for musicians who don't have the means to obtain some of these fantastic plugins and pieces of hard wear! Especially for a young college freshman like myself! Best of luck to everyone!
Thanks and good luck "NoProblem".... and EVERY single email entry wins a 2 month subscription to RolandCloud.com
Luis Cuypers
Hey, I have a question: I entered the contest but didn't get contacted by roland for the 2 month subscription. Is there something I can do to still get it?
Good luck to all!!!
Survey complete.
Some fantastic prizes there:-)
Entered, wish us well.. :)
I'm in! Amazing prizes!
This has to be the best gear contest I've ever seen, thanks guys!
I won't even know how to react if I win! I've never won anything of value so there's that, but this would actually be a DREAM.. better than any holiday raffle, car raffle, or anything really.. as all I do is liver and breathe music day in day out, nothing is more important.

Thank you VERY MUCH to Ask Audio and all relevant sponsors for putting together something so incredible!
Wow, that sure is an epic contest!
Good job getting this much stuff together. That's an insane amount of prizes. Fingers crossed.
Dang, y'all- this gear lineup is awesome. Hoping I'll win the Composer or Sound Designer bundle!
I need hardware for my musicothérapy project
Truly amazing prices, good grief.
Especially the hardware in those bundles gets my dreams going!
Good luck to everyone, and a happy 2 year anniversary to Ask.Audio!
thank you ask audio for the opportunity. love the site and i am happy to be subscriptor. good luck to the entrants! great prizes all around
Happy Birthday AskAudio!
Irion Da Ronin
Good luck everyone, and thanks for the chance Ask-Audio and the involved companies.
Have a nice day :)
This is really awesome and definitely a big help to many people that are on the come up. Shout out from Trinidad and have a blessed day!
Good luck everyone.Pretty cool giva-a-ways here :)
I did the survey but did not see a place to enter my email.
Love MacPro Videos -- 'sf logic ninja' - Dave Earl Rocks..
The quick way to learn for real!
Wil Williams
This would be a dream come true and lift my cinematic composition to a new level!!
There are some starship enterprise prices to be won... OMG!
Ask.audio and the involved companies must be getting in the philanthropy businness for sure. I envy the person that takes home a complete setup. Image the creative boost and turn in focus one gets in live with all those tools. Talk about a second chance in life.

In any case thumbs up for the people making this possible!
Happy Birthday Ask.Audio !!!and thanks you for this opportunity.🎹🎤🎧👍
Sagar Prasad
Thank You So Much Guys!!!! For doing this wonderful Giveaway dont know i will win or not but i just blessed with your awesome audio tutorials
Hans Pereira
Thank You So Much Guys, for doing this and good luck to everyone!!! :)
and also thanks for the AMAZING TUTORIALS!
Ask Audio Rocks!
Richard Lupinetti
If I was so lucky to win anything I would be so grateful I've never won anything but I could really use any gear that I win and I would put them to good use
Richard Lupinetti
Please let me win some gear I need recording equipment so badly I have songs and music ready to record but don't have any equipment to record with winning one of these bundles would change my life
Best prizes ever for a survey.
Best prizes ever for a survey.
Richard Lupinetti
Thank you guys what a great contest the bundles are amazing good luck to everyone thank you so much ask.com I know that any winners life will change for the good just amazing
Sagar Prasad
Very Excited For this :D !!!!!!
Sagar Prasad
11 Days to go 😍
Oh God!!!! Please Help me to won this 😭😭
I anwered all the question and pressed ok is that all i have to do. How do you know how i am.? I did enter my name or email addresses anywhere. Chris
Thanks Ask.Audio!!!!!!
Great contest from a great place / site.
Best of luck to all.
All the best.
Nicat Meherremli
Oh God!!!! Please Help me to won this 😪😪
Andy Crump
Hope I win is the prize equipment
I entered I think. Would love to win. But, sorry, this whole thing came across like click bate.
Sagar Prasad
I have to say something to that peoples Whoever entered in this give that guys i know you clicked on this website only because of the giveaway but guys please check the tutorials and some stuffs on this site its just too much informative guys I am not the promotor ,I really have to appreciate this Best site for producers and those who have to learn music
Dang, that Yamaha synths bundle sounds freaking awesome!
FYI I got hooked when I saw the Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate. Want it so bad lol! Then the UAD stuff... Great prize list. Came here through macprovideo (sister site) so thanks to them for partnering with ask
Adarsh Pawar
Best Site for learner
Sagar Prasad
Same here bro
Composer's Dream... Composer's Dream... Ooooohhmmmmm.... need Spitfire Symphony Orchestra... thank you for this contest.
Sagar Prasad
5 Days to go 😍
Good luck to all!!
Wow, this is Massive! Good luck to all entrants and thanks to the sponsors!
My fingers are crossed!!!
Sagar Prasad
Mine too
This is a big opportunity for everyone to take their music, what they love, and times it by infinity. Much love goes out to Ask.Audio for the opportunity of a life time, that could change people's lifes, and best of luck to eveyone.
Sagar Prasad
Yeah Bro but We really have to help this Website to grow because its one of the best site i ever found for learning about music and producing
if I win something of the contest my neighbors will have to move, lol :)
Good luck to everyone and THANK´S ASK.AUDIO!!!
James Taylor
This is a fantastic competition and a great opportunity for all musicians, engineers, producers and dj's.
Ask Audio you guys are awesome!
Geir Otto Dahlie

i have entered successfully so no horror stories to tell here. My main aim as a music composer out of this bundle would be either one of the prizes which gives me Native Bundle, Reason Pro 9 and some other VST plus a few extra products, but another would be my dream , the YAMAHA MONTAGE 6 which i tried out at a store and bloody costs so much, but after 1 hour use, created such sounds and with a slight tear in my eye had to leave it and not have ability to save sounds. The Roland cloud is brilliant as some theory synths in some of the packages as for me the variety of sound options and Hardware makes these packages so rich and rewarding to those of us whom seek to expand, create music which we love so much.
Wish everyone success in contest, wink wink and hope that I might be able to have some win trickle my ways. Here's to ASK.AUDIO for such a rich contest, perhaps one of the biggest I have seen in rewards not just for a for a few, but so many of us. Hail to ASK.VIDEO and to all of us GIDDY UP! and to quote Charlie Sheen, WINNING!
Sagar Prasad
Woah!! Such a Long Comment
Hahaha, almost exactly the same as me. I'd like to have Reason or Kontakt ;-) Too expensive for the time I can spend on it, this would be a great way ;-)
Lots of great stuff here!! Hooray
Freedom Renaissance
Generous giveaways. Especially the UAD & Yamaha bundles. Thanks to the Ask.Audio team.
Just a fraction of these prizes are worth the entry.
Is this a worldwide giveaway or US only? I live in the Netherlands and really hope it is for Europe too :)
Hi Morris, this is a world-wide giveaway!
Nicholas Whitfield
Sitting here on day 5 of no power thanks to IRMA. Could set use some new equip to replace what was damaged.
So I found this contest through an email from BLUE microphones. Just in case the people doing the survey really care... I had never visited AskAudio before, so the "forced" positive answers were lies, I tell you, lies. There was no other option but to lie, which is not good survey creation and not very impressive on whether I intend to revisit this site or not. Of course, winning this great contest could change my perspective...
Alfonso Trevino
Dreams can come true to ordinary people.
World Wide giveaways are the hardest to win, but I love a good fight...Lets go Ask.Audio, I got this
Let's get it done...All you winners
Sagar Prasad
I never won anything in my life hope this time god helps me to won
I want it
Amazing products! Would appreciate any of them. Good luck everyone!
Re-entering the realm of digital music creation after a 30 year gap! I wish I never sold all my analog synths now!! Currently testing DAW's and it looks like Reason may be the one I settle on although there are definitely close contenders including FL Studio. Strangely I found Cubase the worst DAW package for me, seemed very dated in the short time I played with it but years ago it was the best available...boy how things have moved on!
Hello! I created an account but forgot to tick the box to sign up for the newsletter!! Does this mean that my entry is invalid per the "Entrants agree that by entering this contest they also subscribe to the free macProVideo.com and Ask.Audio newsletters" term....?

Kind Regards,
Professor Marvel
Wow, this is incredible!! For someone on a smaller music budget, any of these bundles would be a godsend. Thanks so much - here's hoping!
Thanks for this chance!
Very Cool Dudes
All the Best to All
Sagar Prasad
2 Days to go God 😍😍😍
I have a question: if I'm using FL Studio, is it possible that I can win the bundle with other DAW, or what can I do when I win for example bundle with Ableton? Am I allowed to sell it or something?
Hi BorsukBadger,

The prize bundles are the prize bundles... and have been agreed upon with our 64 brands. It would be overly complicated if we began switching prizes between bundles ;-)

It depends on the licence for each software on whether you can sell them on. Most do allow it. Worth checking the terms and conditions when / if you win.

Good luck!
The survey contains some strange questions/answers and/or omissions. Amongst others, but I may be wrong, is lacking the possibility you learn about gear by magazines, on paper or online. I'd like to ad that YT also is a major source of information, but only when (reasonably) independent. I hardly ever watch videos by manufacturers themself, they often are horroble, hysterical, hyped and of course far from objective. Weird to me also was the apparent absurd idea you make music for fun or with the ambition to perform. Far (yet) from making money. Oh, and btw, for many people synths and regular DAWs are major expenditures, they cost a lot of money (when you're not a professional or living with your parents, rather once in a lifetime than monthly shopping. An interesting question would have been about annual budget for gear and education. All meant in a friendly way.
me me me me me
Just came to win the stuff
Any of these bundles would be awesome! To win the biggie would be like the 1,000 a day pch giveaway! I've died and gone to music heaven!
S K 76
May the luckiest person
Won the prizes.
Can't wait to see
S K 76
May the luckiest person
won the prizes .
Can't wait
This is the best ever to be a music producer. I can't imagine the future
S K 76
Cant wait
Sagar Prasad
Recording Bundle 😍😍 really great ..
Can't Imagine What will happen if i won this .....Isovox Recording Booth is great as hell .....And NATIVE BUNDLE ,KRK Monitors & focusrite audio interface,etc., this is just Cherry on cake...
Thanks Ask Audio Again For this Beautiful Contest/Giveaway.
Ask Audio Really Rocks!!!!!
Thank You For Reading this guys Dont forget to Replay if You have anything in your mind.
Sagar Prasad
Recording Bundle 😍😍 really great ..
Can't Imagine What will happen if i won this .....Isovox Recording Booth is great as hell .....And NATIVE BUNDLE ,KRK Monitors & focusrite audio interface,etc., this is just Cherry on cake...
Thanks Ask Audio Again For this Beautiful Contest/Giveaway.
Ask Audio Really Rocks!!!!!
Thank You For Reading this guys Dont forget to Replay if You have anything in your mind.
Hey guys,

I tried entering the contest a while ago, but every time I log back in the form seems to be rest. Is that supposed to be like that?
Hi iwj83,

Yes! The contest form resets itself, so you can enter more than once... BUT only one of your entries will be counted. The rest will be filtered out ;-)
Output bundle would be amazing to win
Hi Rounik,

Awesome, thanks for clarifying.. eager anticipation mode re-engaged!
Happy 2 year anniversary guys. And awesome dope nicccceeee crazy whassuuuuuuuppp contest. You guys will save a lot of lives for who ever is going to win....remember that!
Best of luck to all! It is moments like these where you can still dream and later on making it happen! Man do I love being a dj for 20 years or so and an intermediate producer ...and still learning. @Ask.audio thank you for the dope reviews and tits.. ..AND THIS CONTEST #YOUGUYSARECRAZY.COM
Happy 2 year anniversary to you guys . You can save a lot of lives for who ever is going to win ... remember that! Cause this a once in lifetime opportunity for people who can not afford all these software n gear ( at once hahaha). Good luck to all ... it is moments like these where you can still dream and later on making it happen even more! I always say " enjoy the quality of life " . @Ask.audio thank you for the dope reviews and tuts ... AND THIS CONTEST! #YOUGUYSARECRAZYWHASSUUUUUPPCOOL...Hiphip horaayyy!
hi I'm a south African I wish I can win the gear so that I can live my musical dream n help other poor kids who loves music
I hope win! My birthday is the 25th! Why do I keep getting the same survey? I've done this like 3 times already... hmm..
Derrick Deep
Awesome, Thank you for this splendid opportunity and the chance to win an excellent piece of gear!
Sagar Prasad
Contest Ending Date Extended !!!! ;D
hey Rounik: started to answer the questions on the first page, however, When we click next nothing happens, tried this last week, it the same. Plz Help

Hey Reggie,

hmmm... do make sure you don't have a chosen answer AND "other" selected for any questions. That's the only issues we've come across so far that might affect progressing to the next page.

Hope this helps!
Dj FFClark
Thanks for all, happy anniversary! Keep on making great tutorials guys! The winner takes it all!
S K 76
Do we have to answer another question?
Or ?
Lacour Lavant
This is legendary!
Can't wait. Very exciting. And thank you for this and all the hard work you guys have been doing in past.
Now that the contest has been extended....
is there any other steps those of us who have already entered can take toward winning.... 😁
Haha....lol :D
Ronny D Ana
That's an awesome contest! Thanx a lot!
Raymond Charles
very exciting.. @guy waiting for a record deal, publish yourself its never been as easy as it is right now!
Favio Montealegre
What a great opportunity!! I'd be so stooked to win!!! every single bundle is crazy!! thank you Ask Audio!!
Hey, i've completed the survey, but i didnt get any confirmation in my mail inbox, and after the 1 edition of the contest i didnt get any e-mail from Roland as it was said "Roland will contact you by email after the contest closes with details on how to claim your free 2 months' Roland Cloud access."

anyone knows why?
Hi RageAgainst96,

We don't send email confirmation once you complete the survey. The on-screen confirmation is enough :)

Yes, Roland will contact you AFTER the contest closes. The contest runs until the 25th September. After which we will provide Roland all entries so they will choose a time when they are ready to email all contest entrants with details on the 2 month free sub to Roland Cloud.

Hope this helps,

The correct word is not 'competition' but 'lottery' actually :)
Wow. Just Wow. I'll certainly need new drawers if I find out I won ANY of this stuff!!! One suggestion I have for Roland (bless them for giving everyone a 2-month subscription, and I absolutely love my Roland Quadcapture interface! Great job, guys) is that they allow the recipient of the sub to choose when it starts. I'm recovering from multiple surgical procedures on my right hip, and have another minor surgery sometime before January, so I'm down and physically unable to do much for a while.
Sagar Prasad
God Will Bless You My Friend :)
Hope You will Recover & will fit to Produce Music ;)
Good Luck! :)
Sagar Prasad
3 Days To Go 👦Recording Bundle😍😍😍😍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
yea...3 more days...tick-tock-tick-tock :)
3 days to go
3 days to go
3 more days to go....this is so exciting...glad to be a part of something so great....its a dream come true....myself a singer-songwriter- producer.....love to win the producer bundle
3 more days to go....this is so exciting...glad to be a part of something so great....its a dream come true....myself a singer-songwriter- producer.....love to win the producer bundle
Love to win the producer bundle, will 100% step up my game as a producer and singer-songwriter. Considering the financial constraints I'm going through as a student...winning would literally mean heaven!
3 days to go.........tick-tock-tick-tock....good luck to all!! :)
myself would love to win the producer bundle....100% game changer, shall definately step up my game as a producer & singer -songwriter...currently a grad student
Sagar Prasad
Good luck to you also Rony :) I am also Singer & Songwriter ;)
Hope God Helps Us to Win ....
Once again Good Luck Bro
Thanks Sagar, good luck to you to! :)
Sagar Prasad
Hope God Helps me to Win Something First Time in my Life :)......

Good Luck to all Once Again ;)
Thanks! Great contest. Good luck to all!
The time has come!!!
It's about time...thank you Ask Audio and all its sponser for such great opportunity.

Good luck to all!
Sagar Prasad
Once again Thank You So Much Ask Audio for this Great Contest & Thanks to respective Sponsors Also for Helping Us and our future .Hope I'll Win Something (My Favourite Recording Bundle *_*😍)
Myself a grad student...a selfmade producer & singer-songwriter and keyboardist. Been learning the keyboard since grade 3 of school, started singing since grade 4 of school, taught myself music production since grade 8 in FL Studio & Cubase and currently teaching my self Protools, also been learning the art of songwriting reading writings of great minds such as Prof. Pat Pattison of Berklee School of Music. I'm now doing 3rd year of grad school. I own a Yamaha PSR - 2100, and a desktop PC, with a Focusrite Solo interface and a pair of Panasonic speakers.
Winning would definitely be a game changer and 💯 acclerate my carrier as an producer and artist.

Thanks to Ask.Audio and all its sponsors for sure a great opportunity!

Wishing all good luck!

Feel free to reach out on Twitter or Instagram at ( @R0NyV1NCE ). ✌️
Sagar Prasad
Woah!! Such a great Bio :D
Once again Good Luck to You
Gonna check your social medias :D
Sagar Prasad
Woah I checked Your Social Media And Surprised by knowing that you are also Indian :D
I am also Indian :)
😀 humbled! 😇

Indian? That's interesting! 😂🤘😉
Sagar what's your story?

I'm currently a 3rd year grad student, apart from that advancing my musical carrier by studying music on Berklee Online.
Sagar Prasad
My story is not interesting like you.... My self a high school student & producer & singer and Songwriter. Learning music from 1 and a half years and i learned many things in a very small time.I started using studio one. That's my favorite DAW. And Learned many things from online articles, YouTube & from Blogs. Recently i bought my first piano That's of the casio's company. I have a small laptop with 4 GB RAM. I have to upgrade my laptop but money issues stops everything .
Therefore I started Taking Part in giveaways so i can upgrade my self & my studio setup . I don't have Studio speakers yet .I work with Headphones. From very longtime i am taking part in giveaways but not won anything yet but whenever i will win I will really thankful to them for my whole life .
@nd Once Again Good Luck to all
Sagar Prasad
Ask Audio 's Articles is really very great you have to check that out Rony
Thank you ask audio
Sagar, everyone has a different journey... embrace your's and work towards your goal.

Yea, same man don't own a studio monitor yet...those Panasonic speakers I was talking about...week I ripped them off an old 24 year old radio and made the work for me. 😀 Myself actually speak just own a keyboard Yamaha PSR - 2100, a Focusrite Solo Interface, s desktop PC (which I'll be upgrading soon) and Protools 12 (which a received as a gift) .

Yea, Ask Audio content it's phenomenal....been a Ask Audio user for about a more than a year. ☺️
Adarsh Pawar
Thank U ask.audio
Have the winners been announced yet?
Not yet. We're close to picking the winners and then need to contact them privately first before announcing online. Should be early next week...
gabriel caetano
have people begun receiving their emails yet? I got nothing so far and I'm wondering if anything is wrong.
The Rooster
Im praying that I win this thing. Everything that could go wrong in my life has an if I won a bundle it would take so much stress off my shoulders to know something is going right. It would be a dream honestly. Im not going to tell you my story through messages but I wanted to say thank you guys for putting this contest on! It really is the only thing keeping me up right now.
What is Roland Cloud, you can read more!
John F
hello , when will the winners be announced ?
Hello...received an email stating I won. What next. eggbert@prodigy.net.
Sounds crazy... but try replying to me by email ;-p

You've won Bundle 9!!!!!!!!!
Sagar Prasad
God Help Me also Win 😭😭😭😭 Bundle 1
Sagar Prasad
Only First & Last time I have to win Something :(
Sorry Sagar... I've sent out emails to all winners already. Don't give up hope. There will be future contests. Also, remember every single entry will receive a 2 month Roland Cloud subscription for free! Working that out with Roland now.
Sagar Prasad
Really So Sad Now by knowing this 😟.......But Sir have a question If Winners will not reply to your emails then can you change the winner of that????
Sagar Prasad
Rounik Sir Did u also sended emails to Runner up winners??
Sagar Prasad
If Runner Ups are not announced then i will hope to win touch innovations emulator but not too much because my luck is dead :/
Yea...is it done yet?
Lord pls I desperately need the producers or the recording bundle... :)
Sagar Prasad
Sad news Rony Winners Got the email if you didnt got you are not the winner :(
Sagar Prasad
I also didnt receive the email of winning :(
Ow...I see.... alright better luck next time I guess...or if some fails to respond....sill got hope ✌️
Yes, ALL bundle and runner up winners have been contacted... :)

@RONyV1NCE - you're right... we're still waiting on some prize winners to respond. We typically give them 72 hours to confirm. But if someone doesn't respond within that time we try contacting them again and through other means where possible... and if we still can't get hold of a prize winner we, sadly, must choose a new winner for that bundle... there's still hope, albeit quite slim.
@Rounik I see....Everything happens for the best...all bets on the one above ✌️
Hi. Can you show the list of the winning emails? Not full address but at least login names without @blahblahblah?
@arturiansclub - I've update the article (at the top) to display the winners names / parts of their emails - so if anybody recognises their email handle and they haven't received my email to them from @ask.audio address they NEED to comment here and/or add all @ask.audio addresses to their safe list ;-)
At least once lucky in the lottery, it's no longer funny!
Congratulations, winners!
Joshua Chang
Anyone got the email from Roland??
Sagar Prasad
Not yet
Congrats winners :)
CONGRATS GUYS. keep the music flowing
I won one the 12 runner ups but I was never notified by email. How do I claim my winnings?
Hi Ryan.... um.... we've been in contact by email since the 2nd October...! ;-)
Are you sure... is "rapozaryan" not myself? What email did you use to contact?
Hi, seriously... I've been in contact with the "rapozaryan" email and he's replied back. I can't divulge the email address of a winner for obvious security and privacy reasons, but I can see from our system that your email address is different to the one that won. But oddly the winner is also named Ryan Rapoza.

What country and state do you reside in?
West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. USA
Well this just gets even more strange. The Ryan that won is from Massachusetts as well but from a different town. What are the chances!? Perhaps a long lost relative?
Sagar Prasad
Rounik sir did every bundle winner replied You?
Sagar Prasad
😟 Still Hope to win?
Still waiting on a couple... will give them until into next week in case anyone is on holiday or not checking emails.
Uhmm... alright...maybe there's still hope! ✌️
Adarsh Pawar
Did You Know Ask.Audio is not for indian bcz they not given a bundle to any indian. i think Admin Hate india/indian.
Hello Adarsh,

1. I'm of Indian descent, so not sure how you jumped to this strange conclusion.

2. The winners are not picked by me but by a random computer number generator. Even then I only see email addresses and not names until the winners actually reply.

Your comment reminds me of one of my favorite lines from a Nirvana song:
"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you" ;-)
Rounik perfect reply! 👌 Myself an Indian too.

Sagar Prasad
Yeah Best Reply From Rounik Sir :D .....
Adarsh Pawar
sorry for upper comment. i commented upper comments because i gone sad.

i'm just 16 year old and my father is a farmer, yes im poor but i wanna be a singer and working Hard, and im not able to afford premium classes/Tutorials from your site. when i finished survey i got a message " get premium/Pro to get more chances to win. yes im poor, i dont have money, but i have talent & ideas and one day i'll prove myself. Sorry for mistakes in my english also.
Oh, the contest ended.. I really wanted to win.... I could have used the Producer, or Musician package.. :(
@ Rounik : if they do not reply will you do another draw or give it to a runner up
I don't think this contest was real. Just my opinion
I'm sure the winners were picked in a random way. I'm just ironic :)
I can not believe this is real. So excited to have won Recording Musician bundle! ACK!!!!
Sagar Prasad
Sagar Prasad
Ronik Sir Yet we didnt got Roland's Email Can you Give us Update about that
Hi Sagar, I passed on all details to Roland last week. It might take them a bit of time to reach out to all entrants. This is out of my hands now... but rest assured they are planning on sending details to all entrants soon!
Thanks for you patience.
Sagar Prasad
Thank You Sir :)
really excited to see how these guys creatively use their equipment.
did anyone get an e-mail from roland yet?
Sagar Prasad
Not yet
Sagar Prasad
Hey Rounik Sir ,We are waiting for Roland Cloud please could you give any update about that?? We Are Waiting :D
Sagar Prasad
We are waiting From a month Sir :)
Hi Sagar, thanks for your patience. I don't have ay control on when Roland will provide this offer to everyone. To be fair to them they've only had the info for 2 weeks. But I shall email them and see if they are closer than before to sending this offer to everyone who entered the contest.
Sagar Prasad
Rounik Sir I got an Email For Roland Cloud From AskAudioNews but when I am trying to Sign up again & again it's showing "System Error" Please Fix that Sir :/
Hi Sagar, it's working great here. Please ensure you follow all instructions and ensure your chosen password is approved and you tick the relevant boxes... also what OS and browser are you using?
Hey Rounik, I was wondering if i need to sign up for my roland cloud within a certain time? My laptop has some issues at the moment and i also need to get a new midi keyboard so while i get that sorted out, will i lose the offer or is my two months intact until i decide to sign up? Thanks and feeback will be appreciated!
Hey Rondell, to be honest I'm not sure. I'll ask Roland and let you know as soon as I know.
Hi Rondell, Roland informed me you have a couple of months to enter. At least that's the plan. :)
Thanks again Rounik! Have a blessed day :)

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