10 Top Tips for UAD Apollo Users

If you're fortunate to have yourself a gorgeous UAD Apollo all-in-one recording audio interface (or are thinking/dreaming of one) this article is for you!  

1. The headphone jacks aren't working

It's happened to me a handful of times already. You launch your DAW (I happen to use Pro Tools 10) and see audio on the Apollo meters. But no sound comes out of the headphone jacks. It's simple  - don't forget to launch the UAD Console. As soon as you do, your glorious audio will come streaming out. 

2. The incredible shrinking screen

Don't need to look at the full Console Screen? Shrink it down to see only what you need and give your senses a break. In the Input View section, press the S/PDIF button if you want to hide those channels from view. By pressing the ADAT button, it will first hide ADAT channels 5-8

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Using some of the methods above (Tips: 5-7), let's not forget that we can also record both "dry" and "wet" versions of the signal at the same time by making clever use of the routing possibilities UA added recently. That is, also recording one of the "busses" that are selectable within our DAWs (HP1, HP2, AUX, etc or anything else that effects may be routed through) in addition to the dry direct channel. I'm not in front of my setup right now to give exacting details but it's not too hard to manage with a bit of experimenting, especially if using say Tip #7.
The last step suggests getting a thunderbolt to ethernet adapter. What i should have said is to get the Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter. The Ethernet won't do any good here.

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