10 Essential Tips for Serato ITCH

Calling all DJs: It's time to scratch that (Serato) Itch! Tadhg Leonard shares his 10 most essential tips for Serato ITCH. Do yourself a favor and get clued up with these DJing tips now!  

1 - Using the Smart Crates Feature to keep your tracks organized

When you open up a Smart Crate, click the 'add rule' button. Use the pop-down menus to select the criteria you want the tracks in the crate to match such as artist, BPM, album etc. ITCH will now place whatever tracks adhere to the rules you set, into the folder automatically.

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2 - Analyzing your files prior to your DJ Set

To calculate BPM and set beat grids for your track, disconnect your hardware and click the Analyze Files button on the ITCH interface. If you only need to analyze certain tracks just drag and drop the relevant folders or crates on to the Analyze Files button instead to save time.

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3 - Adjusting Grid Markers

To ensure ITCH has laid down accurate beat grids, scroll through your track. If you see the beat markers aren't lined up correctly with the beat, enter Grid Mode (Option-Spacebar on Mac or Alt-Spacebar on PC). Hold down Option (Alt on PC) and drag the green bar so the markers and beats line up. Press Enter to save.

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4 - Do Not Distort

Keep an eye out for the Limiter which may appear at the top right of the ITCH interface beside the clock. If it appears (and especially if it turns red) you may need to increase the 'headroom' setting in the Mixer tab of the Setup menu.

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5 - Take Advantage of Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are vital in ITCH as there are many functions that can't be triggered by your controller. For instance, reverse your track momentarily by pressing 'Q' for the left deck and 'A' for the right. To see all the keyboard shortcuts, click the question mark at the top of the screen.

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6 - Quick Search Trick

To quickly search for a track in a crate based on a certain category (e.g., artist, key, BPM, etc.) open up the crate and click the relevant category title bar. Make sure 'Playback using Shift' is enabled in the Setup Menu. Start to type and ITCH will highlight the relevant tracks instantaneously.

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7 - SP-6's Extra Banks

The SP-6 has four different banks to save your samples too for easy recall. You can access these banks from the buttons labeled A, B, C, D on the right of the player. Some controllers allow you to scroll through these banks using the 7th and 8th hot cue buttons.

Pic 7

8 - 'Record Stop' effect

To end your set with the classic 'Record Stop' effect, open the playback tab in the Setup menu and on the right of the screen, turn the 'Braking' knob all the way to the right. Now when you stop a tracks playback, it will sound like a turntable platter coming to a halt. 

Pic 8

9 - Recording your DJ Mix

To record your mix, open up the Recording panel and click the record button. When you are finished click save. You can access the file in the newly created 'Recorded' crate. You can specify the bit depth and file format of the recording through the Playback tab in the Setup menu

Pic 9

10 - ITCH's Hidden Feature - The Super Filter

To unlock ITCH's secret Super Filter, turn both the left Low and High EQ knob on your controller simultaneously until a message is displayed at the bottom on the ITCH interface. Follow the instructions to turn your bass knob into both a high and low pass filter.

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