Watch Musical, Synthesised Conversation Between Multiple AudioCubes

Imagine being able to link oscillators to multiple physical cube objects and have them adjust the pitch and amplitude depending on how you move them. Well, it's possible with AudioCubes and Synththor.  

Before we jump to the video showcasing how you can conduct a conversation with two AudioCubes linked to digital modular software, Synthor... we talked to the clever folks at Percussa and here's what they had to say about AudioCubes and Synthor...

SYNTHOR is a digital modular synthesizer for the Percussa Wireless AudioCubes. Instead of using patch cables to connect synth modules like in traditional modular synthesizers, patching is done wirelessly by placing AudioCubes next to each other.  

AudioCubes are capable of detecting each other’s location, orientation and relative distance. In SYNTHOR, the distance is automatically mapped to modulation depth. So while making connections by building a network of cubes, you can change synthesis parameters easily by moving cubes closer to each other or further away. This takes modular synthesis beyond what is currently possible with both digital and analog modulars.  

In SYNTHOR every AudioCube represents a synth module (oscillator, comb filter, noise generator, etc), which lets you switch synth modules easily at the tap of a button.  

Not only that, but you can easily build a custom module setup for one song (e.g. 2 comb filters, 4 LFOs and 3 wavetable oscillators), and then switch to a totally different setup for another song (e.g. 4 noise generators, 2 filters and 4 step sequencers). The AudioCubes easily fit in your backpack and are all identical.  

No need to drag around a heavy case to play a live show and no fear that that one crucial module will break or that you didn’t bring the right combination of modules. No need to completely repatch your modules halfway your performance. Endless software updates with new synth modules which work with the hardware you’ve already bought, the AudioCubes.  

No more worrying about saving and recalling settings and patches, since SYNTHOR lets you easily save and recall all your settings and patches. 

Did you know each AudioCube also works as an advanced four-dimensional wireless theremin? In this video Percussa shows a new mode in SYNTHOR: solo mode. With this mode it is possible to interact with multiple cubes which are each linked to different synthesizer modules inside SYNTHOR. The cubes sense distance to your hands, allowing you to control 4 synth parameters independently, all wireless. 

In this video you can see 2 oscillators linked to two cubes. The green cube is assigned to a sine oscillator, while the red cube is linked to a square oscillator. For each cube, two of the 4 faces are linked to pitch and amplitude.


The third cube which is plugged in via USB is the base station cube which manages the wireless network and sends/receives data to/from the computer. Up to 15 wireless AudioCubes can be automatically detected and form a star network with the base station master cube. There are no drivers necessary, no annoying software installers to deal with, no fear of crashing DAWs and the software looks and runs exactly the same on Windows and Mac OSX and uses your existing audio and MIDI interfaces to interface with the rest of your setup. SYNTHOR does not need any other software to work and outputs low latency audio. 

The SYNTHOR beta is available for free download on the Percussa website, and works with the recently released Percussa Wireless AudioCubes PRO as well with the older Percussa Wireless AudioCubes. Percussa is incrementally releasing versions of SYNTHOR with new features, with a first full release planned for the end of the first quarter.


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