Gamechanger Audio Launch PLASMA Pedal Pre-Orders

This innovative new guitar effect pedal smashed through its funding target in a few hours and is now available to pre-order. There's also a clever try-before-you-buy feature.  

Gamechanger Audio have recently smashed through their funding target and have now made their unique PLASMA PEDAL available for pre-order. Here's some info on exactly what it does.  

"The PLASMA PEDAL is a revolutionary approach within the realm of overdrive and distortion, it is a new and previously unexplored method of achieving signal clipping. Instead of using LED circuits, transistors or vacuum tubes to produce overdrive, the PLASMA PEDAL transforms your instrument’s live signal into a series of continuous high-voltage discharges within a xenon-filled tube.

In essence – you are playing a bolt of electricity, and the electrical discharges produced by your instrument are instantly converted back into an analog audio signal, producing a quick, responsive, and extremely heavy distortion with TONS of unique character!"


  • BLEND: Dry / Wet signal mix
  • VOLTAGE: Intensity of the PLASMA dischages (affects sustain and responsiveness)
  • VOLUME: Main output volume
  • LOW FREQ: Huge bass
  • HIGH FREQ: Add some sizzle

As part of their campaign, Gamechanger Audio is introducing an innovative try-before-you-buy online testing platform which allows anyone to upload a sound sample, dial in their desired settings using a set of remote controlled electric motors, and hear and see their track being turned into high voltage distortion via Youtube Livestream. Go to to take PLASMA Pedal for a test-drive.

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